• Workout Bundle Bundle Super U
  • Workout Bundle Bundle Super U
  • Workout Bundle Bundle Super U
  • Workout Bundle Bundle Super U

Workout Bundle

  • Plant Power your workout with our Workout Bundle! Discover your full fitness potential with super-shrooms, super-greens & plant-proteins - to keep you energised, revitalised and well-recovered before & after every workout.

    To get the most out of every workout, your body needs to be well-nourished! With the right amounts of protein, carbs, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals & fibre! If you struggle for time in the day, often skip meals - then superfoods are the answer for you. Head over to our Recipe page for our favourite quick & easy recipes, to keep you fuelled on-the-go and ready to smash your next workout 💪🏻

    The Workout Bundle includes;

    1 x Lean Protein - the Fit Blend (500g)

    1 x Shroom Coffee - the Energy Blend (150g)

    1 x Muscle Protein - the Strength Blend (500g)



Lean Protein - The Fit Blend 

A blend of premium plant-based protein and organic cleansing greens, our Lean Protein is the perfect protein for low fat and high fibre!

Shroom Coffee - The Energy Blend

Our unique blend of Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps and Chaga mushrooms together with the finest Arabica coffee and superfood Maca Root is the ultimate brew to replenish energy, increase stamina and help you to get the most out of every workout.

Muscle Protein - The Strength Blend 

The Muscle Blend uses the plant power of three protein sources; pea, hemp and pumpkin seed, to provide all of the essential amino acids needed to repair and rebuild muscle post-workout.

Maximise your Workout

Committing to a workout on top of your already busy schedule can prove challenging. That’s why we created Shroom Coffee, a blend of energy-enhancing mushrooms, Maca Root and premium Arabica coffee. By making room for your new upgraded cuppa each day, you can unleash your maximum potential and make the most of every workout with a newfound spring in your step! 

Our protein power-houses Muscle Protein & Lean Protein, contain a blend of plant proteins and all nine essential amino acids. Having an adequate supply of protein post-exercise means you can recover quicker and come back stronger! Whether you’re looking to up your fibre with nutrient-dense greens in Lean Protein or some healthy fats from Muscle Protein - this bundle will fuel your workout.

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