Reusable Bamboo Straws

  • As the awareness is increasing, surrounding the excessive damage we are causing to our oceans and wildlife by the use of plastic. Using more eco-friendly alternatives are extremely important to the life and future of our planet.

    These sustainable and reusable Bamboo Straws are the perfect eco-friendly addition to your smoothies and juices!

    Our Bamboo Straws are crafted from natural, high quality bamboo making them the best sustainable and durable option for your drinks at home.

    They can be easily cleaned by hand, as they come with a wire cleaning brush to make sure you can clean them thoroughly! We would always recommend washing them by hand, as they are a completely natural product.

    What makes them even more special is that once they have lived their life to the fullest, you can put them in your compost, as they’re completely biodegradable!

    Pack Contains: 10 Straws and 1 cleaning brush

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