• Ultimate Booster Bundle Bundle superfoods

Ultimate Booster Bundle

  • The Ultimate Booster Bundle gives you the ultimate superfood solution. With berries, greens, fruits, mushrooms, adaptogens and proteins - it’s time to make room in your kitchen for your new daily health regime. Say hello to a Super U!

    The Ultimate Booster Bundle includes:

    1 x Clean Greens - The Immunity Blend (150g)

    1 x Berry Beauty - The Antioxidant Blend (150g)

    1 x Magic Matcha - The Focus Blend (120g)

    1 x Shroom Coffee - The Energy Blend (150g)

    1 x Coco Dream - The Chill Blend (200g)

    1 x Muscle Protein - The Strength Blend (500g)

    1 x Lean Protein - The Fit Blend (500g)