• Ultimate Booster Bundle Bundle superfoods

Ultimate Booster Bundle

  • The Ultimate Booster bundle is designed to help you look and feel great, giving your body the nutrients it needs to reach its full potential and helping you to become the best version of yourself! So, make some room on your kitchen bench and prepare to tick all of your superfood boxes with one amazing bundle delivered direct to your front door!

    The Ultimate Booster Bundle includes;

    1 x Clean Greens - The Immunity Blend (150g)

    1 x Berry Beauty - The Antioxidant Blend (150g)

    1 x Magic Matcha - The Focus Blend (120g)

    1 x Shroom Coffee - The Energy Blend (150g)

    1 x Coco Dream - The Chill Blend (200g)

    1 x Muscle Protein - The Strength Blend (500g)

    1 x Lean Protein - The Fit Blend (500g)


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