• Coconut Bowl Super U
  • Coconut Bowl Super U
  • Coconut Bowl Super U
  • Coconut Bowl Super U

Coconut Bowl

  • Your Coconut Bowl really is one in a million! 

    Once the flesh and water has been extracted for their many uses, 99% of their shells are burned as waste or sent to landfill. This not only contributes significantly to Co2 emissions, but also puts our wildlife and communities at danger. The remaining 1% are recycled and reclaimed to make Coconut Bowls! 

    The reclaimed coconut shells are sent to our partners in Vietnam, and are cleaned, cut, sanded down and polished with natural virgin coconut oil! What makes them even more special is that just like you and me, not one coconut bowl will ever look the same! They all come with their unique markings, dents, shapes and imperfections. 

    The perfect eco friendly addition to any home. Serve up your favourite meals and enjoy your little bowl of paradise!

    - 100% Natural

    - Made from Real Coconuts

    - Reusable

    - Easy to clean

    - Handcrafted

    - Eco Friendly and Sustainable 

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