• Blue Spirulina Powder superfoods
  • Blue Spirulina Powder superfoods
  • Blue Spirulina Powder superfoods
  • Blue Spirulina Powder superfoods

Blue Spirulina Powder

  • Our Blue Spirulina powder is a natural extract derived from the blue-green super algae, Spirulina!

    ✓ Rich in vitamins & minerals.
    ✓ 100% Natural Bright Blue Colour.
    ✓ Use in smoothies, juices, lattes, baking and more to make them as blue as the ocean!

    Taste: neutral, no overpowering flavour.

    Servings: 50 servings.


Blue Spirulina is a natural pigment extract of the blue-green algae, Spirulina - which grows in lakes and freshwater. The superfood status of Spirulina is long established, so much so that scientists at NASA are currently exploring its potential to keep their astronauts nourished during space missions! What’s more, algae has been deemed the ‘food of the future’ thanks to its incredibly sustainable production.


Our Blue Spirulina powder is neutral in flavour, unlike regular Spirulina - and can easily be added into any recipe to create an amazing blue colour! So if you’re wanting to add colour to your baked treats, this is an amazing natural way of doing so without using an artificial food colourant. 


Our Blue Spirulina powder is incredibly light and neutral in taste, so can easily be added to any of your healthy recipe creations. A little bit goes a long way – especially when it comes to colour! Simply add to juices, smoothies, ice cream, lattes, yoghurts, healthy baking recipes and even your favourite cocktails and mocktails for a nutrient boost and a splash of ocean colour!


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