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Magic Matcha

  • It’s time to take a wellness break with our Magic Matcha. Organic Japanese Matcha with dual-extracted Lion’s Mane Mushroom, Ashwagandha & Ginger for calming energy to keep you focused.

    ✓ Dual-extracted Lion’s Mane Mushroom - to support focus, concentration & memory.
    ✓ Ceremonial Grade Japanese Matcha.
    ✓ Perfect as a Latte - just add hot water and milk.


    Taste: warming matcha.

    Servings: 60 servings = 59p a cup!


Japanese Matcha

Matcha is derived from green tea and is known for its detoxifying and relaxing properties, which support both physical and mental wellbeing. It has been shown to increase focus and concentration, as well as improving memory and cognitive function. Matcha also helps to boost metabolism and encourage natural weight loss.

Lion's Mane Mushroom

Lion’s Mane is the mushroom for the brain! It has shown to directly support brain health by promoting neuronal growth and protecting nerve fibres, which helps overall cognitive function – optimising brain performance and enhancing things like creativity, focus and concentration. Lion's Mane is quite literally giving your brain a big hug!


Ashwagandha is a plant native to India and North Africa. Its roots and berries have been used in medicine for centuries, and Ashwagandha has been praised as an adaptogen, helping to manage stress from within and minimise the harmful effects of stress. 


Most of the health benefits that Ginger provides are thanks to a substance called Gingerol, a bioactive compound found in Ginger which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. 


  • Boost Concentration and Focus – Each ingredient in our Magic Matcha have been chosen for their ability to improve concentration, regain focus and banish brain fog. Drink daily to claim back your mental clarity and make everyday challenges easier to overcome!
  • Stress Less – Adaptogens are your dietary defence against stress. They work on a cellular level to rebalance hormones and regain equilibrium, nipping stress in the bud before it accumulates and becomes chronic. Have a warming cup of Magic Matcha each day to protect body and mind from the harmful effects of stress.
  • Support Mental Wellbeing – Many mental health conditions are worsened or even caused by stress. By incorporating stress-banishing adaptogens into your diet, you can help to reduce the risk of developing anxiety, depression and even psychosis – protecting your mental health from within.


Sip away your stresses and boost mental clarity with every cup of this green tea goodness! Simply switch out your usual cup of green tea for a spoonful of Magic Matcha, sit back and take 5 minutes to enjoy the magic of matcha. 

  • Add 1tsp. of Magic Matcha to your tea cup and add a little boiled water. Stir until the powder has fully dissolved and then top with more hot water or milk.
  • Our Magic Matcha can also be added to smoothies, smoothie bowls and energy balls, for a delicious green-tea kick!
  • Head over to our recipe page for some of our favourite Magic Matcha recipes.