The newest Superfood in Town: Pink Pitaya Powder

June 14, 2018

The newest Superfood in Town: Pink Pitaya Powder

What is Pitaya?

The Pitaya fruit comes from several different cactus species, originally grown in South America and South East Asia. The name Pitaya originates from South America and Mexico and traditionally translates into ‘Dragon Fruit’, which is a fruit we are now becoming much more familiar with! However, the fruit is still very hard to get hold of within the UK, as it is grown in tropical climates thousands of miles away…

Pitaya is the fruit of the Hylocereus plant and actually comes in 3 different types:

  1. Has pink skin with white inner flesh.

This form of Pitaya is the most common species and is most notably known as the original Dragon Fruit. 

  1. Has pink skin with red/pink inner flesh.

This species is much more rare and is referred to as Pink Pitaya, because of its beautiful, magenta coloured flesh. 

  1. Has yellow skin with white inner flesh.

This is the rarest form of Pitaya and has pale yellow skin with white inner flesh, so looks very different to the other 2 species!

Pink Pitaya is probably one of the newest superfoods in town and this is because of its amazing nutritional value and taste! So make sure you keep reading to find out more about this super fruit…



What does Pitaya taste like?

If you think about merging a Melon and Kiwi together… this is the best way to describe the taste and texture of fresh Pitaya! The fruit has soft and sweet flesh that has tiny crunch seeds similar to the Kiwi… it really is delicious! Which is why we decided to freeze-dry the original Pink Pitaya fruit, in order to lock in its amazing flavour and nutrition!

In its powdered form, it still tastes amazing – so if you really wanted to, you could eat it straight off the spoon (we have done this quite a few times ourselves!).


Health Benefits and Nutritional Information of Pink Pitaya 

Our Pink Pitaya Powder is 100% Natural and Freeze-dried, in order to maintain its high nutritional value and original flavour. Pink Pitaya is renowned for its fibre content and for being rich in vitamins and minerals. Our powder has over 7g of Fibre per 100g and is particularly high in Vitamin A. 

Vitamin A is known to protect the surface of the eye (cornea) and is needed by the retina to ensure affective low-light vision and colour vision. So it is an essential element to ensure good, long-lasting vision!

There are many other health benefits associated with Vitamin A that include:

  • Maintenance of normal skin
  • Maintenance of normal vision
  • The function of the immune system
  • The function of digestive enzymes


How do I use Pink Pitaya Powder?

As Pink Pitaya is a very pigmented fruit, it is an amazingly natural way of brightening up your food! Also as it is a fruit, the powder still holds a lot of moisture so it is very important to keep it as sealed as possible, to avoid exposure to air and to prolong its shelf life.

A spoonful of this pink goodness will jazz up your recipes like no other! Everyone will want to know what made your smoothie such a nice pink colour and the answer will be of course, Pink Pitaya! Total smoothie goals.

Pink Pitaya doesn’t have to just be used for smoothies though… its uses are only limited by your creativity, so get experimental and try whatever you fancy and throw some Pitaya in there to! It tastes amazing in energy balls, smoothie bowls, post-workout shakes, ice cream, protein pancakes… the list can honestly go on. So give something a go and tag us in your magical pink creation @wearesuperu !


Pink Pitaya Recipes 

Pink Pitaya Smoothie Bowl 

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