What Is Mushroom Coffee?

Far from a foodie fad or passing craze, the amazing benefits of mushroom coffee are supported by hundreds of years of traditional medicine! Mushroom coffee pairs potent mushroom extracts with ground coffee to stimulate the body’s natural energy replenishment. Not only is this super effective but it’s also entirely natural and completely delicious! Read on to discover more about Mother Nature’s stimulant and everything you need to know about mushroom coffee.

Mushroom Coffee, Whatever Next?!

We’re a nation of coffee lovers and it seems that every new day brings a different variety of coffee! Trouble is, many of these options contain masses of hidden sugar and whopping doses of caffeine, giving us a spike of energy that’s quickly followed by a sluggish slump.

Drinks too high in caffeine create the illusion of energy by binding to receptors in our brain that regulate the sleep-wake cycle. This provides a sort of artificial alertness that isn’t sustainable and may even leave you feeling even more tired, not to mention disrupting sleep later in the evening.

But coffee provides some undeniable health benefits – studies have found that drinking coffee is linked with improved stamina, enhanced cognitive performance and reducing the risk of some diseases, as well as boosting energy. So how can we benefit from these without compromising our natural sleep cycle?

Mushroom coffee typically provides just half the caffeine you’d find in a cup of coffee. It works at a cellular level to promote natural energy replenishment mechanisms. This means you can reap all the benefits of coffee without overdoing the caffeine – avoiding nasty palpitations and pesky caffeine cravings!

When Mushrooms Met Coffee!

OK, so it may not be the first combination you’d think of! But mushrooms and coffee are a match made in functional food heaven. Mushroom coffee wasn’t created as a bold new flavour, but rather the coffee complements the function of the mushrooms – and happens to be a delicious vessel to deliver them to the body!

So, forget button mushrooms bobbing in your flat white – and forget mushroom soup that’s strangely stimulating! Mushroom coffee is all about the botanical benefits of these two amazing ingredients and how they can work in synergy to boost energy and fight fatigue.

Whilst you may taste a subtle earthy flavour from the mushrooms, mushroom coffee is exactly that – coffee, and that’s what you’ll taste. So, whether you’re a mushroom-a-phobe or a fungi fan you can reap the energising benefits of this amazing superfood drink!

Shroom Coffee: The Energy Blend

Meet the newest addition to the Super U family – Shroom Coffee! We’ve been researching, extracting and taste-testing the perfect mushroom coffee blend for some time now, and we think we've nailed it!

When it comes to ingredients, we’ve sought out the best and left out the rest to give you a premium blend that is as good for you as it tastes. Let’s take a look…


🌱 Arabica Coffee

Arabica is the most popular variety of coffee in the world, who are we to argue with that?! It is celebrated for it’s amazing aroma and smooth taste, as well as its health boosting properties such as reducing inflammation and fighting off free radicals that damage cells.


We’ve used the highest quality organic mushroom extracts on the market, which we’ve double-extracted to give you the highest potency and maximum benefit possible. There are hundreds of species of mushroom out there and most mushroom coffees use only one variety, but we’ve packed in the power of our three favourites for a next level superfood Shroom Coffee!

🍄 Cordyceps Mushroom

Cordyceps mushrooms stimulate the central nervous system and adrenal glands to support a steady release of energy. This helps to increase stamina and athletic performance for fitness fanatics but is also useful for anyone who struggles with the midday slump day-to-day! The stimulating properties of cordyceps work in harmony with our Arabica coffee for a double whammy energy boost.

🍄 Chaga Mushroom

A favourite in functional medicine, Chaga mushrooms are utilised for their amazing immune-boosting properties. They have been shown to balance cholesterol, reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure and even reduce the risk of certain diseases. Chaga mushrooms are commonly praised for their ability to reduce the impact of ageing on the body.

🍄 Lion’s Mane Mushroom

With a name like that you’d expect great things, right? Right! Lion’s mane directly supports brain health by promoting neuronal growth and protecting nerve fibres. This has been shown to boost cognitive function – optimising brain performance and enhancing things like creativity, focus and concentration.


🍠 Maca Root

Maca is an ‘adaptogen’ which means that it works to balance your biology and promote the natural state of homeostasis – a sort of inner harmony! This minimises the harmful effects of things we can’t wholly control such as exposure to chronic stress and fatigue. We’ve added concentrated maca to our mushroom coffee blend for a botanical boost that will promote natural energy replenishment.

Switching out your usual cuppa for a powerful Shroom Coffee is the perfect way to reenergise and revitalise whilst supporting your overall health and wellbeing. With all-natural ingredients and only half the caffeine content of a conventional cuppa, Shroom Coffee is ideal for those who need a bit of a boost but don’t want the jitters, anxiety or palpitations of caffeine overload!