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    We will always provide you with the best and most convenient superfood products, making healthy eating easy & fun without costing the Earth!

    Our unique Superfood blends naturally provide a source of energy, antioxidants, plant-based protein and immune support. 

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    Co-Founders, Charlotte & Sean met at University and instantly had a special connection. They’re now sharing their story and personal experience, to help other people out there become Healthier and Happier through the use Superfoods!

    Sean introduced Charlotte to the power of natural nutrition and superfood ingredients to try and help her deteriorating condition with Coeliac Disease.

    Making her fall in love with healthy food all over again, they’re now sharing their story and personal experience to help other people out there become Healthier and Happier. 


Blue Spirulina Powder

Spirulina is a ‘blue green algae’ that grows within warm alkaline lakes around the world and has been consumed as a food source for hundreds of years. It is one of the most nutrient dense foods available to us on the planet because of its high protein, vitamin and mineral content!

Our Blue Spirulina is a natural, chemical free extract of Spirulina, which shows its stunning blue pigment. The best thing about our Blue Spirulina powder is that it is completely neutral in flavour, so can easily be added to your meals. It is also specifically high in iron, which helps protect our cells, boosts the immune system, improves metabolism and increases energy levels.

This amazing natural blue pigment will bring your meals alive, whilst giving you a nutritional boost!



Pink Pitaya Powder

Pitaya is also known as Dragon Fruit, which is a tropical fruit grown throughout South America and Asia. It is very unique in appearance, featuring bright pink soft and pointy skin, so it is definitely the coolest looking fruit in the jungle! 

The pink flesh inside the fruit is deliciously sweet and is rich in vital vitamins and minerals. Pink Pitaya is renowned for being high in fibre and Vitamin A, which helps maintain healthy vision, skin, digestion and the function of the immune system.

Our Pink Pitaya Powder is 100% freeze-dried with absolutely nothing else added, preserving its amazing taste, colour and nutritional value.

Simply add our Pink Pitaya powder to your smoothies, smoothie bowls, ice cream, baked recipes or anything healthy for a magical pink creation!